Make browsing menu an
unforgettable experience
for your custome

Create your Digital menu now
and give your customers a unique experience

Make browsing menu an unforgettable experience for your customer

Create your Digital menu now
and give your customers a unique experience


make your digital menu fully branded

easy to use

Easily add and customize menu items

Technical Support

Technical support 24/7

Completely Online

No PDF files, no delays, faster access to your Menu

About aurmenu

Aurmenu is one of the new services launched by Aurages Ltd., one of the leading companies in the software industry in America. Delaware Aurmenu is one of a series of software and services for managing restaurants and cafes to achieve the company’s vision of building an integrated management system.


Add, Edit, Delete At Any Time​

Aurmenu enables you to control your menus at any time you want, which gives you the ability to offer new items and amend them at any time, during work and customer service as well.

Customize your menu and increase sales

Aurmenu offers advanced customization capabilities, from adding the logo to the color to the branding, to customizing the QR code, and reach your target customers and make them feel satisfied

Now with aurmenu, you can present your dishes in an attractive and professional way

Serve your dishes smoothly and professionally, ensuring excellent service and complete customer satisfaction.

Aurmenu offers online menu display service with zero delay or interruption, making it available around the clock.

Menus are now customized in a way that reflects the identity of your restaurant. aurmenu offers the ability to customize the menu display to suit the identity of your restaurant.

Stand out from the crowd

Create a menu browsing experience on the rooftop that is so immersive, it feels like he cooked the food himself

Increase visitors and boost sales

Complete customization to satisfy all requirements

suggestions Items

Suggest related items to achieve more sales and increase customer satisfaction by using the Suggestions Items feature

ingredients warnings

Make your menu more comprehensive by clearly mentioning the allergen in each dish. This will help customers with food allergies make informed choices and ensure they have a safe and enjoyable dining experience

Auto translation

Do you have foreign customers or branches in different countries, No problem with the automatic translation feature. Create your Menu once and translate it into over 25 languages with just one click.


An ideal choice for small business owners
$0.99 /Year
  • Unlimited items
  • QR customization
  • One menu available
  • custom logo and cover
  • Translate up 3 language

An ideal choice for small business owners

/ per Month

An innovative package that suits the needs of medium enterprises

/ per Month
Expanded Prime

Your business and major projects deserve attention

/ per Month


Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help.

This menu allows customers to browse your restaurant’s menu by scanning a QR code on their tablets.

Yes, if you are a customer of the Aurest system, the Aurmenu system is available for connection exclusively with the Aurest system only.

Certainly, the service can be used as standalone by importing an excel file for the menu or creating it directly in the control panel

No, there is no trial period, but the service is available at a price of 1 USD for the year. Offer to launch the service

You can subscribe to the Aurmenu system with ease using various electronic payment systems.